Patrick D. Elliott



MIT Spring 2020

  • 24.979: Topics in Semantics (with Martin Hackl)
    Getting High: Scope, Projection, and Evaluation Order

    “This seminar will provide a venue for discussing various mechanisms for scope-taking and projection, taking as our starting point continuations - a perspective on scope-taking developed by Chris Barker and Chung-chieh Shan. We will attempt to develop a solid working knowledge of the relevant mechanics, as well as arrive at a comprehensive empirical assessment of their advantages and drawbacks in selected areas of application. These will include quantifier scope, variable binding, cross-over, and presupposition projection, paying particular attention to linearity effects which continuations are designed to handle in a principled manner.”

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MIT Fall 2019

  • 24.902: Language and its Structure II: Syntax
  • 24.954: Pragmatics in Linguistic Theory (with Roger Schwarzchild)