SelectionFest 2017

Berlin, 10-11.11.2017

Code of Conduct

We want SelectionFest to be a safe and respectful environment for everyone attending. We recognize the existence of harassment in academia in various forms, and we want to ensure that the workshop is a harassment-free environment. Furthermore, we value respectful discussion, including the respectful expression of scientific disagreement. As a reflection of these values, and in agreement with several other recent workshops and conferences (see below for some examples), we expect all workshop participants to uphold the code of conduct specified here.

Harassment of other participants in any form should have no place in an academic event, and such behavior is strictly forbidden at SelectionFest and related social events. Specifically, harassment includes (but is not limited) to:

If someone makes you feel unsafe or unwelcome, if you suspect that someone else is being harassed, or if you have any other concerns, you can contact any one the organizers at any time. We can be recognized by our nametags. We will of course respect your privacy and maintain confidentiality, and you will have the opportunity to speak to a woman or a man as you wish.

The organizers (Patrick D. Elliott, Itamar Kastner, Thomas McFadden)

Here are links to the Codes of Conduct of a few recent conferences and workshops:

And here are links to statements and policies on harassment and equality by some relevant institutions: